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Discover the difference between sans, serif and display fonts. Find the right font for your design.


How often do you open the font menu in Canva and think: what the font do I choose?
It comes back to what you aim to communicate.

Ask yourself: does this complement the purpose of my design?

The best font choices do just that.

What the font!?

I think about the message first, before trying to pick any fonts, because there’s so many out there.
So first, define what is the message of your design, and then try to pick fonts that match that message.

So, if it’s like a fun design, or you want to put out a fun message, you try to find a fun font.
And usually, what I do is try to categorize the fonts that I find into different areas.

What I do is I set up a cheat sheet for myself so that I have a list of fonts that are my favorite fonts, that I come
back to.

There are three font categories you need to know about: Serif, Sans Serif and Display.

A serif font has little feet called serifs attached to each letter – a classic style of design for books – the little feet guide your eye along lines of text.

Sans is French for without, so a Sans Serif font is without serifs – a modern style designed to look clean on digital screens.

Display fonts are designed for headlines. They can be bold, cute, elegant or downright, quirky. Because they have so much personality, you’re best to use them in small doses.

And my top tips: create a go-to list of your favorite fonts, from each category. Ones that are beautiful and a breeze to read. That way, when you ask what the font do I choose, the answer will come a whole lot easier.