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Create a color palette that feels right for your design and complements your message.


Now that we’ve got the basics covered, are you ready to pick a color palette for your design?
With a world of color to choose from, it could still get a bit overwhelming.

But don’t panic, we’ve got a few tips for creating amazing color combos.

Choose you color.

I’m doing a children’s book. You learn the theory of color, you learn about complementary colors, and shades of colors, and tints, and you look around and you see that the sky is not always blue, at night. You know the sky can be a dark purple and sometimes it’s pink. And sometimes it’s orange.

We’ve been taught that the sky is blue and the sea is blue and the grass is green.
But take a look around you and you’ll realize that it’s not.

Colors have an amazing ability to attract attention and trigger emotion.
Every hue has something to say. So when you’re creating a palette, remember what you’re aiming to communicate.

Are you opening a yoga studio? Perhaps work with cool and calming colors.
Are you promoting an exciting event? Warm and vibrant colors will make it pop.

The more colors you use, the harder it is to balance them.

My tip: use three or four colors max. Some vibrant colors and some neutrals to give contrast to your design.

Once you sharpen your eye for color, you’ll find inspiration everywhere.
An Andy Warhol painting, a book cover, tonight’s sunset.

I look forward to seeing what color palettes you create!