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Want to share your design with friends? We’ll learn how to invite others to collaborate in real time on designs, so they can add comments and help you on your design journey.


At Canva, we love collaborating and sharing. Which is why we’ve made it easy for you to do so, too. There are some really fun ways to collaborate in Canva like brainstorming, team voting, creating greeting cards, moodboards or group work templates. The sky’s the limit!
To invite people to your design, click the ‘Share’ button, here, and decide what access permissions they’ll need. Type in their email address, give ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ access and then click ‘Send’. You can also copy and share a link to your design like this.

Now, watch as your teammates join your design. Work simultaneously and see your updates in the editor with live changes. You can always see who’s currently collaborating by checking the avatar above, and the colored bounding box lets you know what they’re working on. Also, notice their name in the corner, here.
Tag and add comments in real time. Start by selecting something in your design, then click here. You can ‘@’ mention someone to quickly tag them in a comment, like this. Then, assign a task by checking this box. If your collaborator is offline, they’ll receive a notification via email and will be able to reply or complete the assigned task later.

You can also quickly see all your notifications and anything you’ve been tagged in the ‘To Do’ list here, in the bottom right corner.
When you’re done collaborating, you can easily download your design in your preferred file format, like this. Or, access additional share and publish options, here. Like publishing directly on social media. You can even publish designs as a scrolling website and share a web link, like this.
Enjoy collaborating with ease, with Canva.