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Once you’ve created your design it’s time to share it with the world. But first, get feedback.


So you’ve created an amazing design. Yes!
As we’ve discovered in this series, design is all about communicating so it would be a shame to keep your design all to yourself.

The time has come to share it with the world.

Share and publish.

By the time anything goes out to the public, is printed, gets published online, we’ve gone through like ten rounds of feedback. Internally, externally, with clients. good users, with babies.
So I don’t think of feedback as the end result and even more so. Share it! The sooner the better.

Before sharing your design with the world, get a fresh perspective. Ask a few people for feedback.
Feedback is like your worst best friend. It can be hard to hear, but it can also make a design so much better.

Now, time to publish.
From Canva, you can post straight to Facebook, or present straight to the boardroom.
If you’re downloading your design, there’s a few formats to know about.

JPEGs are good if you need a small file size.
PNGs are good if you need to download your design with a transparent background. Handy for things like logos.
And PDFs are great for packaging a multi-page design into one file.

Thanks for watching Canva Design School.

I look forward to seeing what you can create.