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Our top tips for photos? Avoid the easy cheesy options, and create strong compositions.


I love photos, you love photos, we all love photos.
Our brains process imagery way faster than words.

So before anyone reads the text in your design, they’ve probably decided if they care, based on the image you’ve chosen.
Photos are your chance at a good first impression.

Photo love.

If I’m a brand around experiences, I might choose photography because I really want to get people to understand the specifics of that experience.
Photography is this wide in terms of what you go down in: black and white, colorm vibrant all of this. Studio shot, on-location.

An image can communicate your idea in an instant and, since design is all about communication, it’s an easy win.
The right photo can transform your design into something special.
But it’s not as easy as adding a cute puppy pic.

Here’s three things to consider:

One, avoid cheesy and cliche. Broaden your search and look for results that are relevant but also unique in some way.
Two, composition is key. Use scale to zoom in on a focal point and crop to remove distractions. Or try composing with the rule of thirds.
Three, give contrast to your text. If you’re adding text of your image, look for options with lots of negative space, or any transparent layer to provide contrast.