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Startup Toolkit Overview

Collin Gabriel August 5, 2021

Ruth Miles (00:01):

Welcome to the start of business video series produced by the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division. This video series is designed to help those starting a business in Oregon, understand the steps involved and supplements the business express startup toolkit found online. So you’re ready to start a business in Oregon? Your first step is heading the business express Oregon’s one stop shop for all things business. From there, click the link for the startup toolkit to find the six steps that most businesses will have to do to get their business up and running. Each of the six steps has its own corresponding video to provide more details on the steps.

Ruth Miles (00:42):

Step one is to choose your business name and structure. You’ll need to know which type of business entity you want to be structured as before you can complete step two, click on this chart to learn more about entity types.

Ruth Miles (00:56):

Step two is to register your business with the secretary of state. This step reserves your business name for your own use and allows the public to find out who they’re doing business with.

Ruth Miles (01:07):

Step three is to get your tax numbers, whether it’s a federal employer identification number or an Oregon business identification number, these numbers will be used for federal and state tax purposes. If you don’t plan on having employees, you don’t need a state number.

Ruth Miles (01:24):

Step four is to find out if they’re required to have any kind of insurance. This step could be dependent on steps five and six.

Ruth Miles (01:33):

Step five is to figure out what licenses permits or certifications might be required for the industry you’re going into or for the location in which you’ll be operating. This could be anything from a trade license to a local business license.

Ruth Miles (01:48):

Step six is to determine your employer obligations. If you don’t plan on having employees, you can skip that step.

Ruth Miles (01:56):

Each of these steps has a video you can watch for more details. If there’s a particular video, you’d like to see select that video from our channel. Thanks for watching and check out our other start-up business videos for more information.

The Start a Business Video Series is designed to help those starting a business in Oregon understand the steps involved. It supplements the Business Xpress Startup Toolkit found at business.oregon.gov. Each step of the Toolkit has it's own corresponding video.