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Business Xpress Startup Toolkit Step 5 – Licenses & Permits

Collin Gabriel August 9, 2021

Ruth Miles (00:00):

Welcome to the Start a Business video series produced by the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division. This video series is designed to help those starting a business in Oregon, understand the steps involved and supplements the Business Express Startup Toolkit found online.

Ruth Miles (00:17):

Step five and starting a business involves determining if your business requires any specialty licenses, permits, or certifications based on the industry of the business or the location of the business. This step can be complex. Many industries in Oregon are regulated by a state agency, board or local government entity. The best way to find out if your industry requires a specific license is to use the business express licensed directory located online. Once you get to the business express license directory, you can search by keyword for terms that apply to your business. The results will include information about that license, including the regulatory agency and their contact information.

Ruth Miles (01:01):

Often it will include links to application forms and to relevant laws and rules. Contact the licensing agency for more information. In addition to licenses, based on trade, you may need to get a local business license as well. While the state of Oregon maintains a business registry, it does not issue local business licenses. Each city and county in Oregon has their own requirements. If you have a mobile business or multiple job sites, you may need to obtain multiple local business licenses. Some cities and counties require a home occupation permit for people who run a business from their home, not every city or county requires a home occupation permit. So check with your city or county about what their requirements are.

Ruth Miles (01:49):

Most cities and counties will list license and permit requirements on their websites. You can also search online for your city or county and the term business license. Got questions? Contact your local government’s land, use zoning or planning department for more information. Thanks for watching and check out our other Start a Business videos for more information.

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