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Business Xpress Startup Toolkit Step 2 – Registering

Collin Gabriel August 9, 2021

Ruth Miles (00:01):

Welcome to the start of business video series produced by the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division. This video series is designed to help those starting a business in Oregon, understand the steps involved and supplements. The business express startup toolkit found online.

Ruth Miles (00:16):

Step two for starting a business is to register your business or business name with the Secretary of State. When you register your business name, you’re registering the use of that name for yourself within the state of Oregon. You’re also letting the public know who they’re doing business with whenever they spend money with your business. Registering your business is not the same as getting a business license for more on that process, watch our video on getting your tax numbers.

Ruth Miles (00:45):

Those that wish To register a business can do so by filling out the paperwork specific to their chosen business entity type or by following the links to our online registry. It’s important to know that the information you provide about your business will be part of the state’s online business registry database, which is available for public viewing. The name of the registrant, the principal place of business and other information is required and considered public record. No email addresses or phone numbers are listed online in the business registry.

Ruth Miles (01:18):

Registering a business online is faster than submitting a paper form. Registrations are usually processed within a few days. The best way to see if your registration has been processed is to visit the online registry and search for your business by entering the business name. Thanks for watching and check out our other start a business videos for more information.