Locl Fundamentals Training

Travel Oregon · August 8, 2022

Monitoring and managing reviews on you Google Business Profile (GBP) is one of the best ways to improve your visibility and conversion. Other activities like uploading photos, posting updates and updating attributes can drive even more exposure and customers to your business. To help make managing your GBP easier, Travel Oregon partnered with Portland-based company Locl to provide you free access to a suite of GBP optimization tools.

Alexa Darrow of Locl demonstrates how to use Locl’s optimization suite to manage your GBP and drive business.

For more information about Locl, Google Business Profiles or OTIS, visit the Business Listings Toolkit.

This webinar is part of the Small Business Marketing Series, developed and hosted by Travel Oregon. This session is best suited for tourism-related businesses looking to elevate their presence in Google. We also welcome destination management organizations and industry partners who want to help get the word out about this opportunity.

Photo credit: Joey Hamilton

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