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Wellness and Renewal: Stories of Encouragement

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Wellness and Renewal: Stories of Encouragement

Collin Gabriel April 25, 2021


Lori New Breast (00:00:09):

Good afternoon. I like to, uh, Oh, good afternoon. I’d like to welcome you to the native wellness power hour today on this beautiful Monday, March 22nd. And, um, as Devo, you know, I guess now that, uh, we’re in a different time period in the pandemic, um, I was checking on the number. Our, this is, I think it’s the 301st power hour that the wellness has, uh, begun and they’re coming up on a year, but I’d like to introduce myself Okie without a glass and Nicki. Um, my name is Lori new breasts, and I’m coming to you from the Blackfeet Indian reservation in the state, the geography of Montana near the Canadian border. And I’m also a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy, which our people are in now and the geography of Canada and, um, do United States.

Lori New Breast (00:01:24):

But I would just also like to underline in my, uh, introduction that all indigenous people on this, in this hemisphere, our way of life predates any geopolitical configuration in the modern time. And, uh, I hope in the future, um, you know, I, I really uh, thought about today. Um, what would I share, um, on the calendar or one of the calendars yesterday, once the first day of spring, the Equinox and this propels people into a different time of year activities, hopes and dreams, but it’s also a time where you begin to shed those things that carried you this far, that are a little more now, and that you do a process of all suggestions. You do a process of renewal and recommitment and revaluation, and what’s, where’s my handy water. Oh, you may, of course, one of the things, because we had crossed so many heat waves and then boom, yesterday, we had snow and it’s, uh, it’s little brisk outside, but we are still in the time that people refer to us spring or the time after winter, I think that’s really, we’re so close we’re in that trends transference when the seasons are like the time of day when the sun comes up and the moon and the Dawn, the sun in them and the nighttime, or transferring responsibility for governance of our world.

Lori New Breast (00:03:41):

And we’re like that. So if you instantly just did not feel all jobs, dub and new and bright and shiny, um, yesterday, because somebody said it was the time when you’re supposed to magically transform. I think our people have many beautiful stories about that time, about the Dawn when the light has it changes color before the sun comes up. And there is moments when, when you get up that early or now when they fiddled with the clocks, the powers that be when you get up and you start seeing those sunrises, that time is very special. It is really, uh, the moment maybe the, uh, getting comfortable, kind of like the nesting syndrome in your house, where you, you know, you get around your familiar [inaudible] signals that you’re into another period and so on. And then to get your water because where I live, what that dry weather brought was dust.

Lori New Breast (00:05:15):

I seen the land start to, it was still cold and frozen in some places and things frosted to the ground, but there was dust that was released. And so I had a little, uh, Graphly fro, um, you know, wellness has that YouTube channel and they have this website and, um, they have Instagram and Twitter, they’re everything. And I think that that’s a good place to start when you’re every place during this time, this last year. And you may hear my, um, little, uh, Balboa pug Rez dog right now she’s grunting cause she she’s going to sleep, but she wants me to hold her. And she’s, you know, even Rez dogs have opinion about being online too long.

Lori New Breast (00:06:40):

That’s a joke. So, but during this time during the pandemic, I think that, you know, the, um, it’s like running through a rain shower. Um, you’re constantly in some moment hit with the unexpected. Something comes into your life. And then next moment through change also comes renewal change is part, is another word for renewal. And so many people marked their second spring. We are now the second spring for in many hemispheres or the second winter. If you’re in the Southern part of the world, uh, you are collectively a part of the human families, journeys events. And today also want to focus on that. We’re not the only living beings on the earth and that when we talk about or think about encouragement and sometimes you have to be your own self life coach, you have to be your own self parent. You have to be your own self spiritual leader because there are moments when people decide how they’re going to go forward in a good way.

Lori New Breast (00:08:15):

And when they take your inventory, your inner, like you’re, you know, it’s kind of like, um, for men, although men, some men do carry these, but like if you ever had an aunt that had a bag, an empty, you know, like somebody’s sister, that’s not your mother. Well in our way. And she’s also a mother, but empty name English and they have a bag and it’s kind of like, you know, lady reached down inside, there may be something happened, you know, I don’t know, maybe do binding one to where during the pandemic and something snaps underneath your clothes and you pin it back together. So the ND reaches down in that bag and poof, they might pull out a sewing kit or, um, you know, even as, uh, uh, another hair tie and they show you how to pull things together with the hair tie, no, maybe you’re you, haven’t worn jeans and eight months and you put them on and hope they don’t close.

Lori New Breast (00:09:21):

You know, just use that hair tie to still help you, uh, still fit in on hopefully. But really sometimes there are moments when you have to pull into your old go dive deep into your own bag and think of things that you carry forward into this time that maybe you heard as a child, as a young person, as you went through different transitions in your life. And there was somebody there to give you those words, those words that helped you take a deep breath and go on. Even if it’s a journey that you are passionate about, maybe the work you loved, but we’re, we’re riding still the wave of the pandemic and integrating the ancestors teachings. And by the way, you are an ancestor.

Lori New Breast (00:10:28):

So when you are in this time, calling on that inner knowing in yourself and moments, when you need those words of encouragement, you know, maybe there isn’t the right self-help book. Maybe there isn’t the, the journal or that you’ve kept for a long time. Maybe there isn’t that person you can immediately call up. And sometimes I think that, or it’s been my experience that if you need encouragement, words of encouragement. So to people around you and as native people, there are many times when we collectively go from things or we start movements, let me see if I could just, she, she might be looking for her baby, which is on the, I just need you think of it. Third.

Lori New Breast (00:11:29):

She looked at me like what I do want to throw me a steak, Facebook live steak. But, um, so in this time when we are where we are figuring out, you know, how to celebrate, and now that, you know, some of our relatives have gotten vaccinations, it’s like, uh, you know, trying to pull back, uh, the raids on a wild horse with some people. And, but we still are in a pandemic and more than ever, we also have to consider not only ourselves, but those that we love, those that we don’t know. And those that come from totally different lifestyles than us. This is where, you know, I I’ve heard many, many stories about how warriors of the past women and men and children, because remember we didn’t differentiate that a child could change the world or that a woman could change a world where she could leave. And we didn’t doubt our men. That was our world. Everybody had, they would say a version of this, that what made us so strong was that we loved each other so deeply.

Lori New Breast (00:13:25):

And we had ways of solving conflict. The conflict just didn’t come with the colonizers. There’s kind of like, you know, in the English language there, and you see some of the, what I would call liberation on wellness movements, because to dedicate yourself to your own wellness, that is an act of liberation. That is you living the creator’s gift of life with all the skills in the purpose. That is an act of liberation, but I’ve seen many, these two terms used on all platforms, even in speeches. And I’ve even heard the, the ancestors of people who came here from Europe are there parts of the world refer to themselves and settlers, and also, um, you know, looking in our world and saying that the colonizer brought those, the colonizer brought them. And yes, that’s all true, but we are more than that. We are cultures that had a way to reconcile and to serve, to solve internal disputes so that nobody lost, not that it’s a, win-win like the corporate world wants you to believe, but it was an act of keeping those you love together and safe

Lori New Breast (00:15:03):

And well.

Lori New Breast (00:15:06):

And so in our communities, we know that there’s a lot of work to do. And some people have been, you know, the, the computer is he’s their best friend during this time, they have continued those important, um, purposeful works, you know, continued, paid, and non-paid, um, they have continued the things. I love dancing, singing, making art. And there has also been an experimentation by some people that maybe somewhere back prior to the pandemic, their life path took away that they had not intended. So you’ve had people get newly renewed to another life path where they can embrace their wellness. And so many times when sitting in a circle and thinking about, and enjoying the safety that I had, just being merely living in and sitting in a circle of other Indians and had those moments where we can all collectively taken a breath and release it and not have to explain our existence, our way of life, our cheekbones, our hair, or dress the foods we prefer to eat

Lori New Breast (00:16:41):


Lori New Breast (00:16:43):

Talk about our culture as being to explain, explain, explain our existence. So we need those moments you need and wellness, those moments where you don’t have to explain anything. And so many times I heard people say in different ways you are okay. Then I would have people when I worked with them or just in everyday people. I know I said this today, too. Um, and yesterday and last week, I said it many times to people that I talked to Indians that I talked to on the phone, you are okay, there is nothing wrong with you and being an Indian alive today, we need those moments where we are not looking. We’re looking at ourselves as the creator looks at us who gave us life and we are okay, it’s okay to be an ending. And in this hyper reality of online work, the speed has increased. Well, we know I seen some,

Lori New Breast (00:18:13):

A lot picking on them. This is my observation. This is the truth fact this happened. I seen some tourist that they must have read, you know, that, uh, the Eastern gate of the national park near us was going to be open. And they passed me on a stretch of highway and they were from out of state and they must have been, uh, it must’ve been a car rental or something. They had this big goal issue V the kind that like the fans roll up in his stuff. And so the I’m just guessing, cause I didn’t have one of those little guns and you know, like the police officer’s house, but they’re going super, super fast past mate. So I would say 85 or maybe even 90 on a road that is rated for 70. And when I seen their license plate from a nut, you know, it was from out of state that I knew they didn’t know where they were going because I say you’ve ever driven a Montana Montana highway at this time, the spring time that’s when the road that was held together by a broken up asphalt or gravel. And it was held together by the coal through ice or through the rocks cleaning together in a club because they’re frozen. That’s when the pot holes come out.

Lori New Breast (00:19:46):

So they blaze past me. And I just go along my little Indian way on the Rez, my Indian, my Rez dogs, you know, and I went to our tribal store, grocery store. And here, when I pulled in, there were those tourists and they were, they had, they were outside of their car and they were looking underneath and that rubber thing, and it’s a guard in the front of cars. I could see cause for where I was, I was watching them. Right. It’s better than cable sometimes. Um, I was watching them and they had chipped that.

Lori New Breast (00:20:27):

And all I could say is to myself, well, I’m glad they didn’t break down on the side of the highway. And so when they realized that that was probably the loud side sound, a dip, they made, they broke that on the highway. So my prayer for them was that they continue to observe the speed limit, that they have a safe journey. And so times during the pandemic, we forget in this medium that the constant movement, the speed that isn’t the speed that you should, we should be running at all the time. Just like their fast car, you hit a pothole. How do you get back out of it? You, um, maybe run out of gas. So as humans, we need to remind ourselves during this time that wellness means taking those little pit stops, slowing down and rules. Sometimes, you know, people will see rules like a speed limit and the way they show their lawyer illness is they don’t know Bay, those rules [inaudible].

Lori New Breast (00:21:47):

So I would like to encourage you to rethink about that, that are, is there some rule that you are maybe pushing against at this time and you need to reconsider and take a pause back. [inaudible] do you need to look at the speed? You’re doing things and maybe ease off the gas, especially now that the prices are going up because to constantly go at a fast clip. That is a lot of people. Um, even since I was a child, you know, uh, a lot of people asked me, do you sleep? Yes, I sleep. And then they would ask me things like, uh, because I always had something to say ever since I was a child and I didn’t fit in all those little boxes I was put in. And so people would say, do you, are you ever quiet? Yes, I am quiet. I can be stealth when I need to.

Lori New Breast (00:22:51):

But, uh, during this time the temple that we have been operating on the information with, uh, the constant movement on here, checking on people, um, just wanting connection. So you may be sick spending hours and hours online. It’s okay to take a pause and say, do I need to change that the earth is changing outside. The cold weather will lessen and you may want to make, start making plans of how you were going to go out in that weather. How are you going to leave this medium behind, give yourself a circle of privacy. So you don’t have to document everything you do online, or you don’t have to check on other people’s activity online, give yourself a pause because there were other things out there waiting to be gifted to you.

Lori New Breast (00:24:12):

I have some friends that live farther North also migrates to where islands last year, they had become accustomed to setting the calendar of events like clockwork by the rival of those birds, to nest, where they go into their breeding grounds, just dab outside or Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and they’re beautiful birds and weathered, you know, just like wonderful, magnificent, um, being going through the air when you see a great inland Pelican and last year, the great inland pelicans where I lived, I seen them arriving really early and I was like, wait, the cannibal would already be coming back. So what happened in that and not, um, environment where they go to breed is they arrived a month early and then the man-made festival was planned a month later. So the pelicans didn’t know that they were early on the calendar. And so the birds can tell us a lot to look for the first Robyn, if you live in the Northern CA um, you know, the Northern climates to hear the flock of geese.

Lori New Breast (00:26:04):

And there’s been many times when I was trying to remember the exact date, but when I was in the Southwest over the last decade, the hummingbirds that formerly were in the Southern hemisphere, I’ve been migrating farther and farther North. Not because they’re lost, but because there’s a change where their habitat was shifted. And we can learn a lot from that in this time, when we’re transitioning from the winter where you bundle up, you stay at home and from, you know, and it’s intensified by an in pandemic, look in this transition period to outside the human family, where nobody told that bird, if you don’t do this, you won’t make it. You know, um, when you hear a bird singing the song, nobody says, don’t seem that song. And I think there is a member of the human family that we need to play, pay attention to other intelligent beings, many, right? I mean, what ended don’t know about it, Eagle feather. So that is one bird. There are tons of birds everywhere you live. And they all got something to say about the earth that we live on. And they are teachers, um, to us, the fact that we were given eyes and ears to listen to those things that are outside of the human family is really a gift.

Lori New Breast (00:27:59):

And there are many times when I’m taking a journey and, um, I’m unsure of that journey, but I did my preparation. I did like my wellness prep and I’ll be driving. And suddenly one of my helpers flies across the road in my path. And when it’s that helper that says safety to me, I always feel assured not because I get attacked or because, you know, somebody liked my post it’s because I have a relationship with that helper. And this is really the time when you go out and you observe in our culture, there’s teachings about who returns first and who leaves for leaves last. And as we go through this time where there’s great changes that the earth is making our ancestors paying attention, that’s what they gifted us intelligence wisdom for to, to courage, strength, creativity. And we need to make friends again with the birds we need to, for our own enjoyment, because the beauty of looking at birds and watching them, it’s amazing.

Lori New Breast (00:29:38):

It’s amazing what they can do. I fly, tell us, buy an airline ticket, you know, and, um, maybe some people can fly some humans, but, uh, I don’t want to discount anyone’s, you know, experience, but to, to know that something can take flight is that’s like magic in the moment. And there are many stories about looking. Um, if you call them trickster their stories, or like your cultural superheroes, everybody has them, they have the teacher. And when you read those stories or someone shares them, or you remember you were told one time and you go and you you’re outside. You can experience those teachings differently than if you’re in a house or in front of a screen, because outside the air holds energy, it holds things that lift you up in wholesale, things that give you the wellness medicine to look to the future. Um, one of our, uh, I just, uh, I just think that there’s so many heroes in every culture, but one of our heroes that is no longer here, uh, George Good striker. One time he came and he was talking at a conference about, um, crime, crime violence. And he said that he liked to come to where I lived. And then, you know, people all say, Oh, it’s so windy there. Oh, it’s so windy there. What would he see

Lori New Breast (00:31:44):

The knowing of our people? And then now in the world, when, when the other people look scientifically at things, the wind, the wind has the power to change the ions all over your body, in your hair, in your thought, in your breath. And So when another man from another culture farther along in my life’s journey would say, go stand in the wind. And I thought two different cultures, two different teachers, two different times.

Lori New Breast (00:32:28):

They both said the same thing, go outside and ask the air to help you as that hit air for renewal. And so when I go out and it’s blustery, yeah. You know, it might look a little shaggy, but that’s all right, too. The win can be your companion at moments. When you know that here’s something that makes you not feel like centered. The wind can be that, that helper, because that’s what it does. That’s the power. That’s how powerful it is. And, um, so today, when I was thinking about, you know, stories of encouragement, they are the ancestor stories. They are the cultural teaching stories, but everyone alive today has some stories.

Lori New Breast (00:33:39):

So by sharing those moments, those mini triumphs, there was ways through art, through song, through dance. And, um, I was with a group of people here. There were way off on some other part of the earth, but we were all together here. And, um, I said, I’m waiting. So I’m going to put my wish out there because part of getting encouraged is you start to have the desire for things you start to read, see, feel like your engine. Now, you know, the oil got changed and more in spring time and you start moving towards all things that are good. So I’m going to put my wish out there right now.

Lori New Breast (00:34:39):

I am waiting for some singer or many singers from many nations to answer this call. I want the grocery shopping honor song to be created because if you went to the grocery store and there’s a special stores or big box stores, if you went there, the ones where they used to give out free food, because you were a member. If you went to those stores, you need a victory song. If you went and hunted in the grocery store during the pandemic, you need a victory song. And so maybe you want even create when you’re yourself. You know, so I was working online because for part of this experience, I was the designated shopper. And, um, I always was mindful of other people. When I went out, I don’t know him, you know, but I was mindful of them because the people we care about, I’m looking forward to a gathering where they do the hand drum contest, or you’re at a conference and they do have a talent night or somebody doesn’t online tell at night, tell it afternoon, tell that morning [inaudible] that people share their grocery shopping victory song.

Lori New Breast (00:36:32):

Because in the past our people, when they went out and got food, they honored that, that activity to bring home, to nourish yourself, do you carry your people forward? And they did it in song. They did it in prayer. They did it in offering. They did it in sharing. They did it. And what people now would call a giveaway. So I’m waiting here in this medium he’s, COVID 19 healing. So that when you was out on our land, that song came to me. So miracles, wellness, moments of victory, wellness moments, and gathering yourself, come in the most unexpected places they come inside the home, but they also come out. And so, as you prepare for the spring is to go out to renew. Even if it’s, uh, you know, the fifth time you’ve walked down that in the last week, you’ve walked down that same grocery aisle commit to seeing it differently, to really looking again at it, because often through routine repetition, your sentence, your smell, you know, all the senses start to go into idol, through repetition, through routine. And sometimes you need that because you have to move forward in some, some way. So I often about those teachers that I had that talked about the wind and when I see people working and, you know, the failure giant store that everyone knows, you know, um, or the place where they give out free food, by the way I don’t, this is my place. And they’re giving out free food.

Lori New Breast (00:39:09):

Just help me worry less. Don’t, don’t take it during this time. Um, but be mindful when you go out and often I make my shopping lists and I’ve ran into empty shelves. All that stuff that’s happened during the pandemic. It takes weeks to get everything delivered here sometimes. But I assume victory, I assume I’m going to get everything on that shopping list. And I can remember it’s decades ago now. Um, I had a conversation, I was ongoing. People say it’s to gather a war party or whatever, you know, but that’s English again, you know, trying to direct us to the future and the other day, decades, decades, after that company,

Lori New Breast (00:40:29):

I heard that word.

Lori New Breast (00:40:33):

I heard somebody talk about it. And I think in the wellness journey, we have a lot of templates that have come into Indian country or indigenous people’s countries. We have many fabulous strategies of how to work on your wellness, how to, and the great thing about a wellness. I’m going to say, like, you could see all the work they’ve done there. They’re transparent in their commitment to keeping the stories of the ancestors alive, through active, positive, and productive action.

Lori New Breast (00:41:16):


Lori New Breast (00:41:19):

But many times when I thought of that conversation with my father, that language was into the people by the creator and the creator is alive in all of us. And that is what we’re experiencing now. So the language will always be there, but it’s effort in towering and for waiting, if we’re working on whatever way we can, there is no one for me to reteach. We have strategies and they’re all good because they may all be correct. Because for as many strategies as to relearn the language, there are individuals that learn differently. There are individuals in a family where one of them may learn this way. Another may learn this way. And there are communities that are small enough because there are numbers that survived to the living generation or small, where it’s doable to have everybody in common, the language for every they are.

Lori New Breast (00:42:54):

But in larger nations, people spread around the globe. There’s many strategies and to be open that they may all be correct how people are relearning. You know, we pass. We all. I think the thing we have in common is every single day we pass the Indian test. Every day you get up, if you’re an Indian or indigenous person or new sweep to be, you have can claim victory because that is how strong we are. So this is the time when you’re moving into, to spring in your ear, ear, getting out of, you know, started being more flexible where I live. You don’t have to worry, gonna fall on the ice, you know, and, you know, shaking out your old shorts from last summer, you know, maybe looking at your legs for the first time and bright light. I don’t know, you know, this is the totally when you start to prepare for the season and whatever that means.

Lori New Breast (00:44:12):

And there are many people that they have, whatever their passion, their dreams, this medium online has been a part of that. Their work life, their family life, their friendship life, every day, I check so websites that have nothing to do with the good old USA, because my relatives or my family members are in the Northern country. They’re in Canada. And I waiting. I know that we will be together again. And I know this time, regardless of the conditions or experience because of the pandemic that people are preparing. And I get all kinds of requests from, from folks. And in the past, I had other tasks that are performed for, for people. Um, but I realized the other day when I was out in the wind and walking on the land that I’d been moved, I had a moment of reckoning where I had been moved to different tasks. And that comes from remembering all those people, that food, the generosity of sharing their, their life stories of overcoming, you know, indecision, um, or feeling fatigued or it’s okay to rest, I think, um, and all the victory stories that I’ve heard veterans tell male and female in the modern time, I’ve been encouraged. Not because I remember every single story or detail, but I was the recipient of that. I was the recipient of their encouragement.

Lori New Breast (00:46:22):

And to understand that where I can encourage people, either myself, no self coaching, or I can be that person that says you’re okay, we’re okay in this moment to give those, give the encouragement I’ve received to keep giving it, Hey, maybe it was the way the song from, you know, from her bird, maybe it was seeing an animal. Maybe it was seeing the new green grass come up. Our ancestors were encouraged by things outside of the human family, because they didn’t have relationship. And we’re really living generation. We’re a generation of opportunities where we can renew those relationships, do our best to re commit to the relationships of the whole of creation.

Lori New Breast (00:47:43):

And through this medium, it can keep you, it’s like if you’ve ever seen one of those lettuce spinners where you wash the lettuce and you put it in and you turned it around like this, it’s important to, to manage this, to shut it off, to not see that it is replacing human to the human relationships, but it’s helped us. It’s helped us through this time. And as we move forward into this year to my many little children and adolescents, teenagers, young adults, but they’re all people have returned to a way of education where they’re going back into buildings. I dunno for me. Um, I told somebody else, if, if I had been a child during this time, there were moments where I would have found happiness. And in wellness, there’s kind of was a slogan early on when Indian country started saying, Ooh, we don’t want to do that.

Lori New Breast (00:49:00):

The next generation, or that hurt us in our generation. And there were many people that had already lived through their childhoods. So this kind of this permission slogan came up is it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. And as an adult, it’s not mine, but I dedicated my wellness to those generations so that they don’t have to say when they’re already a grown adult, I had a happy childhood. It’s too late to have a happy childhood. So if you have children in your life, or maybe you can’t see them, maybe you only see them in this medium that you send those good energy, those wishes, those words of encouragement, to young people to have a happy childhood. Now that despite any restrictions we have any challenges we have, that they have happiness.

Lori New Breast (00:50:23):

And one of my moments in this medium, the number of Indian babies, children being happy, um, celebrating their birthdays last year in the summer, you know, maybe it was just three people that because of the conditions we’re in, but they were happy. And that is my wish. Those are my it’s okay to have happiness. It’s okay. If you were a young person now to have a happy childhood, because as you move through time, the things you will remember about this, yes, it’s the hardships. But it’s those moments when through being happy through having fun from receiving something, from somebody, a gift on your birthday, it’s going to be in a real different thing during the pandemic and than it did before somebody thought about your happiness and they wanted to let you know, they want you to be happy. There are children in your life, or just even to the spirit of young of young people that you give to them. Those words of encouragement, speak it to the wind.

Lori New Breast (00:51:58):

When you go outside, offer up something for their happiness and wellbeing. And if you are an adult, it’s kind of take that, that story of encouragement. You can be happy during the pandemic. It’s okay. And it’s not something that we have to lay your breasts. I find happiness in all sorts of things. When I was looking at dry grass and when the wind blew it another way underneath, I see two little green thing sticking out of the earth. And I felt so happy. I was like, Oh, the green grass is coming. And happiness is not prohibited during this time. And to encourage people that if they’re looking towards some celebration or they are reading a good book, or they share about a song that they love, or you know, their playlists now, and it makes them feel happy. That should be encouraged. I’m not saying, you know, pay their subscription fees, but merely saying, it’s good to see you smiling.

Lori New Breast (00:53:29):

Oh, I’m glad you find music that you love or that you liked, or just to appreciate that that person is happy. And there are many, many story. These are just things that during this time, when, um, I’d flip on this medium and I would see people do things and share things, and there’s all kinds of, you know, like trends on social media, but there’s trends outside of the house that are happening now that when I am looking forward to not this month, or maybe even next month where I live, I’m looking forward to that first Barry blossom.

Lori New Breast (00:54:26):

And yesterday when it was, you know, 30 degrees and the wind was very cold and it was blowing snow. Um, I told my mom, Oh, we can’t wait. Like we did last year. We’ve got to get out on the Prairie. Soon. As soon as we see certain plants and here it was a day when it was, the ground was still partially frozen, but I had been encouraged by seeing those two blades of grass. And now I’m thinking when I see the first dairy Lawson that to me already, I know I’m going to be happy again. One agree, appreciate it. Have gratitude for this time. But I’m also going to be mindful that we are not added this, you know, I’d love to, you know, I had a little injury from, well, I won’t say it was a cheap first mask, but it was, it poked me in my cheek.

Lori New Breast (00:55:38):

And by the time I finished wearing it, after a six hour trip, I had a little gash on my cheek. So one of my victory songs may be how I survived in the pandemic, a wound mask of a wound from one of my masks. And I lived on to tell about it. And, um, but my skin will be stronger there once that little wound heals. So during this time, that is the function of looking at your cultural stories of listening to people going outside and listening to creation is encouragement. Come by merely going, taking the action to move forward. And for all of you, as we come to, we’re going to come to the close of the hour. Um, I try to stay mindful and stay when they gather again with their own people. And that’s not today, not tomorrow, but for our cultures, it’s imperative. And that knowing that people are being responsible, being respectful, taking care, doing what they must during this time. So we all make it to someone struggling with whatever they have do celebrating. And I’m Joel to remind you that the world is filled with beautiful smells.

Lori New Breast (00:58:15):

And sometimes when I’m out, there’s nobody else around or, you know, it’s just my dogs. And, and I’m out on the land. I will smell the blessings of the plant from the plant world and to be mindful of opening in a safe way, taking that mask off outside, and merely breathing in, in a safe way, breathing in those fragrances of the earth that are carried on the wind that are really a gift to help us and encourage us. And I am looking forward to one day, you know, I made a buckskin mass at the beginning of the pandemic and, you know, it’s to remind me. So, um, I’m not no pressure on all of you out there, but we’ve a lot of used mask or formerly known as a new mask in Indian country. And looking forward to the, the clown dances, the clown dances that I know will happen, and I know somebody will have them be diligent and they will carry their mass staff.

Lori New Breast (00:59:44):

And maybe their outfit will be made and formerly sanitized re re-used in the proper way on their regalia. I’m looking forward to that clown dance, and maybe it will be the same time, or if you don’t have that grocery store on song. So as we, so I wish you all a fantastic, beautiful change of season day. And I look forward to the next time that we’re together in this media, more flesh in flesh and blood, you know, and, uh, have a beautiful day and take care of yourself. I love you. And I wish you well.