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The Oregon Native American Chamber and several other native and enterprise-serving organizations have come together in developing a statewide plan to help Native Americans engage actively in our economy, including becoming entrepreneurs as well as investors. The coalition has been named the Coalition for Oregon Native Enterprise or ONE Coalition.

ONE Coalition has taken a leadership role in ensuring Oregon Native Americans have access to business development programming. It is seeking partnerships, funding, and contributors to develop an innovative new initiative that begins by leveraging existing programs from collaborating organizations and then takes advantage of emerging state plans from aligned state agencies. This initiative seeks to foster comprehensive programs, services, training, technical assistance, and legal support to existing and emerging Native American entrepreneurs in Oregon. The suite of services will be offered within a cohort model to increase learning outcomes and support.  This initiative will be led by the Oregon Native American Chamber.

The Program

The ONE Coalition Project is a full year of programming, offered in cohorts for group support and improved learning. It begins with the programs of our initial partners, and their suite of programs. These have been placed on a continuum of enterprise development, from initial exploration to preparing for startup funding. A review of all areas that would impact the success and growth of an entrepreneur in Indian Country have identified gaps in this continuum, so additional programming will be developed to fill these gaps. Additional support is planned from partners such as one-on-one technical assistance consulting, statewide gatherings, and myriad pop-up workshops (legal, social media, etc.).

Other partners have committed to serving as either advisors or resource providers, including the Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs), the Secretary of State’s Office of Small Business, a number of Economic Development Districts, and many others. Formal and informal networking opportunities will connect entrepreneurs to one another and state, local, and federal agencies aimed at increasing and leveraging their business prospects with similar business as well as clusters of businesses.  

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Startup Oregon