Our Approach

At Startup Oregon we take a holistic approach to business development, incorporating Native values into the goals of entrepreneurs and their companies.  Each step of your business journey has educational offerings to help you learn and grow your business the way you want it to grow.  See below for more detailed information to see which stage of business development you would like to learn more about.



Do you have an idea and want to explore the options?  This is the start of the visioning process.  It is ok if you are not formalized or started, in fact sometimes we don’t even have an idea of what we want to do yet.  You might be business planning, seeking funding or investment, etc.  This is the stage to learn how to incorporate Native and personal values into your goals to make a business within your community.  Courses here include setting goals for the business and exploring business structures like LLC, B and C Corp, other private entities, tribal structures, etc.



In operation. Identifying as an entrepreneur. Setting goals. Starting to formalize. Testing an idea. Starting to meet income goals. Making plans to meet employment goals. Finalizing a business plan.  Seeking funding/investment (if needed). Actively planning how to incorporate Native values and personal values and goals make a business within your community. Appropriate contracts/registration with tribe if applicable.



Continuing to work out the kinks of formalizing. Developing routines and systems especially around accounting and taxes and payroll, etc. More solidly meeting income and cash flow goals. Understanding markets and products. Contributing positively to tribal assets/economy (if applicable). Understanding how to meet community needs and contribute to the local economy. Setting goals and meeting them.



Feel solid in everything, all system running well. Commitment to the business and goals. Solidly meeting income and cash flow goals. Meeting initial employment goals. Operating successfully but for shorter time period. Contributing to the community, meeting their needs, and participating in the local economy. Becoming a staple business for the tribe (if applicable). Becoming a leader in business and the community.



Your business has been operating successfully for longer time period. As you become an expert in all business aspects, it’s time to consider what that means. At this stage, a strong role in community wealth building and reciprocity can be of interest.  Courses in this stage revolve around partnerships, sponsorships, giving back, and donations. Learn how to continue meeting income, cash flow, and employment goals. Growing your collaboration with partners and networks is critical.



At this stage, a business owner might be looking to move on to another phase of life or business venture. Courses and education in this section will focus on that transition and how to respectfully and sustainably sell, pass on, or dissolve a business. There are many ways to also continue meeting the needs of your  community and honor the values that are important to you and your organization.