Why StartUpOregon?

Entrepreneurs in Oregon struggle to find resources. It may be because they are in isolated communities, or perhaps they are at a stage that has few programs. Or, their needs are unique, in a specialized industry and no resources are available where they live. The economy of Oregon cannot afford to lose business, so StartUpOregon was launched. StartUpOregon aims to address this problem by offering a kind of online center for entrepreneurship.

A Strategic Approach

StartUpOregon is not a program. It is a part of a new, larger strategy for Oregon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Launched from Business Oregon, it will create a new foundation on which a whole host of new business development resources can be gathered up and offered.

The Goal

Every entrepreneur has access to high-quality resources, tools, mentoring, and the needed capital to launch, grow, and scale a viable business, no matter where they live or who they are. This goal drives the work, and asks us to consider, “Are we offering sufficient resources with equitable access to every Oregon entrepreneur? Are we losing entrepreneurial activity because would-be entrepreneurs simply don’t have what they need?

How will it work?

StartUpOregon began as part of a larger statewide effort by Business Oregon to serve Oregon’s rural and isolated entrepreneurs, called the Rural Opportunities Initiative (ROI). Its goal, shown above, will provide access to resources that typically exist only in urban areas. It also aims to build up the ecosystem for all entrepreneurs (and potential entrepreneurs) which will serve all.

StartUpOregon – Part of a Larger Network

StartUpOregon is just one of many. Connecting to a growing network of startup communities worldwide will provide new access to global markets, connect up resources from a wide range of sources, and better serve entrepreneurs everywhere. It will also allow us to learn from other states and countries, making us all better equipped to foster resilient communities and a stronger Oregon.

Supporters and Sponsors

Business Oregon’s Division of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Wells Fargo, and Craft3 have provided support for the ROI, giving rise to StartUpOregon, new programming, and Centers for Entrepreneurship across Oregon. Their vision and leadership will help shape a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable Oregon. Our foundation partners are instrumental in the success and opportunity for StartUpOregon, thank you to Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, The Collins Foundation, The Oregon Community Foundation, Meyer Memorial Trust, The Potlatch Fund, and Pacific Power.