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Multimedia production is the bridge between a brand and their audience. One entrepreneur may be in need of an award winning podcast while a large multinational corporation may find greater benefit from a series of innovative live events. For the past 12 years I have worked on a diverse array of projects ranging from think tanks to broadcast documentaries and 30 second spots for local affiliates. My talents cross a diverse set of fields including motion graphic design, video production, event planning and execution, web design, and social media campaigns. I hope to see you around Hatch Innovation one of these days to talk strategy.

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Here at Nature Song Montessori we encourage a love of learning surrounded by beauty and natural elements in a home based learning environment. A Montessori prepared environment invites the child to explore their interests with self awareness and independence. Furniture and materials are age appropriate and materials are displayed with purpose in mind. A Montessori guide is always there to help connect the child to the environment through careful observation of each individual need. Children explore their interests, discover a love for learning, and thrive in every way possible.

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1-5 Part Time Staff