Learn about StartUpOregon.

What can entrepreneurs learn on StartUpOregon?

StartUpOregon was designed exclusively for entrepreneurs – what they need, when they need it – wherever they live. Think of a “center for entrepreneurship” online, gathering, curating, and offering programs, workshops and courses, all focused on helping entrepreneurs grow Oregon businesses.

Who teaches on StartupOregon?

Entrepreneurs will find full educational courses, 3-hour workshops, and presentations provided by experts from all over Oregon, even some from outside of Oregon. Organizations, law firms, accelerators, nonprofits, universities – even our state agencies will offer hard-to-find resources. Each program will be vetted for quality and effectiveness, and how well it serves ORegon entrepreneurs. For more about the goals of StartUpOregon, see the About section. This resource will grow over time. Some programs will be fee-based, and some will be free. It will depend on the instructor and their organization. You’ll notice the programs are organized into a program continuum. This model allows you to find what you need, faster. It also tells us what programs are needed.

What are the six stages in the business continuum model?

The model below is a way of organizing resources into a continuum of business development programs. It takes into account needs of entrepreneurs at key stages, as well as the larger ecosystem of programs and resources a state should make available to entrepreneurs at all stages and in all types of business. It’s not perfect, or based on an exact science, but it offer us a way to think more comprehensively about how to serve Oregon’s entrepreneurs better. As a one-stop-shop for programming, it will grow over time – like Oregon’s entrepreneurs!

#1 Explore Entrepreneurship

Programs for the would-be entrepreneur, culturally appropriate, inviting you to consider launching a business. Explore the idea of becoming an entrepreneur by hearing from others, asking questions, and learning what it takes. Test your ideas with others, and get a feel for business ownership.

 #2 I’m Ready to Start a Business

Programs that help those with promise of success, recognizing potential with concentrated, early-stage support. This stage of programming will also help early entrepreneurs figure out what they don’t know they don’t know, offering support, examples, networks, and resources. This can be a fragile stage, and we don’t want to lose promising entrepreneurs due to lack of support.

#3. Basic Business Development Tools

Classic business planning happens here, providing key business building blocks. The full toolbox of business basics, from marketing planning to financials to legal documents. This section moves a business forward, ensuring all the right pieces are in place.

#4. Industry-Specific Guidance and Expertise

A critical point of service, when unique and specific expertise is needed. From food products to health or aviation, many times unique and specialized expertise is needed. Here’s where you’ll find it.

#5. Getting Ready to Raise Capital

Once the basics are in place, it’s probably time to seek capital. How to refine the business plan, prepare for raising capital, polish the pitch, and more.

#6. Ready to Scale

Time to expand to new markets, franchise, or maybe just hire new staff? Scaling up take legal knowledge, information from state agencies, and connections to new markets. This stage prepares you to scale.

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