Launch, Grow, Sell, Acquire

There is a lot to consider during and after raising startup/growth capital. It’s an exiting time for your business, but there are many potential pitfalls ahead. Different capital mechanisms—crowdfunding, bank loans, investment—will influence your business in different ways. Your investors/lenders will have expectations for the growth of your business, and your company will experience growing pains. Moving into a new space, hiring new people, and purchasing new infrastructure will all hugely affect how you operate on a day-to-day basis. You’ll need to think far into the future when deciding on your path to scaling.



How to Ask for Money

Entrepreneur, Gregg Semler pulls no punches in this clear-eyed overview on how to ask for money. He has spent his entire career as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and asking for money has been a constant. He has raised over $100 million and knows what he’s talking about. His biggest tip? Embrace it.

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Intro to the Community Public Offering

Want to learn how you can crowdfund up to $500,000 of real investment capital from regular Oregonians?

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I Need Professional Development